Casa Katy – Some of my favourite things

I’ve been in my little house now for over 7 months! That seems like such a long time, but I have to confess, it’s still a work in progress. With the nice weather, I’ve been focusing on my garden a lot, but that doesn’t mean to say I’ve neglected the rest of the house!

It’s funny how your priorities can soon shift. Before I got my little house, most of my spendies went on a combination of clothes, music and books. But beyond an outfit for the races and a bit of a sales-splurge in New Look (which was uncharacteristic anyway!), I’ve not spent that much on clothes (and to be honest, I need to…) Why? Because I would much, much rather spend money on Casa Katy! Continue reading “Casa Katy – Some of my favourite things”


MFB – How I find time to write

Writing a book is a huge investment in time and energy, and sometimes it’s hard to find time to dedicate to the chief principle behind it all: that is, to write.

I’m embarking on a quest to finish my first book, in at least what I deem to be a standard of completion to offer up to agencies. See my previous blog post for history on MFB, here:

How I find time to write

At the moment, I’m juggling this above quest with this (somewhat neglected) blog, running my own little household, including keeping an eye on two naughty pusscats and all the scrapes they get into, and of course full-time work. You might remember, if you’re a seasoned follower of this blog (and I like to think there maybe are one or two!), that before Christmas last year I was working in Hull, working long days and coupling those with a long drive there and back. Well I work on the outskirts of York now, so the drive is much improved, and my working day is a little more flexible, so some days I can be sat at home with a brew at 4.45pm, instead of not getting back till nearly 7! Saying that, I still managed to charge through a big chunk of the first draft, so making time may be a problem, but if you’re determined, you’ll get it done. Continue reading “MFB – How I find time to write”

Happy Paper Club – a mystery parcel

So, as you may (or may not) know, it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago. I got lots of lovely things and did a wee little post about them here #MyStyleWednesday – Summer baby

The other day I came home to a mysterious box posted through my letterbox! I was very confused as I was pretty sure (though naturally not 100% confident) I hadn’t ordered anything, and it all looked very professional and proper. I was meant to be racing out that night so I quickly made short work of the protective tape fastening all up, and was very surprised to find a tissue wrapped box of goodies, from my best friend Amy (who coincidentally also has a blog too, and I’d love it if you gave her a little nosy! She can be found here: In bed with Amy). Amy is big on subscription parcels, and knowing me to be the stationery nerd that I am, she knocked the ball out of the park with getting me a Happy Paper Club subscription! Continue reading “Happy Paper Club – a mystery parcel”

MFB and an attempt in culture

The city of York hosted its annual Festival of Ideas in the beginning of June. Since I’m a good bit more local to the city now, and since it’s always good to try and broaden your mind, I thought I would give it a go. The festival is a huge event that is run by the University and you can read about it here:

I was pleased to get tickets to four the events I wanted to attend:

  • Mythology: Our Imagined Worlds
  • Ideas for Publication: What Works for Us
  • Battling the Gods: Atheism in the Ancient World
  • Towards a Maritime Deep History of our Planet

A lot of it was maybe too deep and scholarly for this little brain, somewhat removed from the academic sphere, but I really enjoyed them all. Three were lectures and one was a workshop held by the York Novelists, a local writer’s group about how to set up a similar group as an opportunity to meet like-minded people and get some proper constructive criticism. That was super useful for me – I hadn’t even ever thought of a writer’s group, and I think it is really going to be the best next step for me. I can hone and tweak and write and rewrite to my heart’s content, but if it’s only me reading it, it’s no good. I need someone to tell me this is good, this is bad, I hate that character, I love this scene, I think the mood or the tone is a bit off here. Hopefully the writer’s group will be the perfect scene for that! I also hope that for all the constructive criticism I get back, I’m not reduced to tears and anxiety like I was in the feedback sessions from my teacher training. It would be nice to hear if I am on the right track, or what I can do to make sure I’m on it. Continue reading “MFB and an attempt in culture”

#MyStyleWednesday – Summer baby

As it was my birthday, I of course got lots of lovely things from my wonderful family and friends. Thank you all so very much for your gifts and kind words! Now I was planning on taking loads of cool arty pictures, but instead my DSLR decided it would flash up an error message, so instead we get dodgy iPhone photos. Hurrah!

How do you guys get your photos off your phones? For some reason my Photostream won’t sync to my phone, and so I have to save them to my Dropbox, and then decide if I can be bothered to edit them or not.

We had a lovely BBQ at my house with lots of food, and were very lucky because a couple of days later my patio table broke!

I know people say birthdays mean less and less the older you get, but I still look forward to mine, even if I don’t do anything big or special. For our eighteenth birthdays, Steffi and I had a big party at the pub in my village, the Middleton Arms, and really we should have maybe gone back there for a meal to reminiscence. Continue reading “#MyStyleWednesday – Summer baby”