New Porsche Advert

My everyday car is a bright yellow Seat Ibiza… I lusted after the yellow Renault Megane Sport, despite its jawdropping price tag (Dad told me I wasn’t allowed one!)… my favourite clothes tend to be bright yellow… I seem to have a thing about yellow, despite it being a colour that is not exactly the best shade for my skin tone. So it comes as no surprise that I love the new yellow Cayman GT4!

The new advert popped up on bridgetogantry today and it was a nice break from the snow-locked landscape I find myself in.

It’s a pretty flashy advert. I love the prowling feline image of the car, lurking round corners. The ordinary Germans on their day-to-day lives, being somewhat creepily stalked by a purring flash of yellow and a naughty graffiti artist. Then on bridgetogantry, they exposed the falseness of the Nurburgring section! Obviously I knew it was fake all along… obviously. Well, in all honesty, I thought it looked more ‘gamey’, rather than an unfamiliar corner: they rendered the track I should really know best to be a stretch of road and corners, indistinguishable from any other.

Check out the advert below.

Pretty sure the Nurburgring was already fairly cool, but I don’t know; correct me if I’m wrong.

All the same, the Cayman GT4 is one sexy beast! If any car can be termed that highest of compliments, “the sex”, then this one must come pretty close.