What we actually do at the Nurburgring… Video Easter 2014

This is what people think we do at the Nurburgring…

This is the new Calvin Harris tune, which I am loving atm. I think this idea of fast cars and scantily clad ladies is definitely what a lot of people go to the Nurburgring expecting, and are often a bit confused to find a great car park on a hill and a lot of posh posers in their Porsches who are never really going to chuck it around the track.

This is what we actually do at the Nurburgring…

This is a video of Dad chasing after his mate Rob, in the red Subaru Impreza. Occasional dialogue is supplied by Yours Truly!


Day 4 – Saturday

After the manic day of Kar Freitag, things calmed down a bit on Saturday. Because we had been in the field and had seen the carnage on the roads (traffic jams), we decided to do a bit of Loy-family scheming: Mum put the truck in the little gravel car park, within easy reach, and we put the two Subarus in the car park, where Dickie would for the most part remain as base camp, and where Dad could take his out and hopefully sneak it back in.

Writing this in hindsight, I can’t actually think of much that happened! But this is probably because I’m thinking too much about how amazing the Sunday was.

I did a lap just me and Dad in Dickie, and it was so much better than the day before’s. Dad didn’t have his telling-off voice on, probably because Mum wasn’t in the back and we didn’t have the camera on, and it was a lot more relaxed. I overtook two cars! And they were BMWs! They were taking it pretty steady, but still, a pass is a pass! I felt a lot better about it, though I’m still scared by a couple of corners where Dad says to stay out, stay out, stay out, and that bit of Armco is coming up very quickly!

We went to our old hotel again for dinner and had steaks again. Mum complained that they season them far too much with salt. We were also all confused by the strange dish that Sister brought out, which we all agreed looked mainly like dripping with salt crystals in it. Even Michael was confused by it. Michael brought us out apple strudels, which were amazing, and then we had drinks on him. They sure make vodka Sprites strong in Germany – half vodka, half Sprite! The lads tried to convince me to go out clubbing with them – I was too tired so rejected them (though I had to step in to make sure they didn’t leave their room key on the table in the hotel), and the next day they revealed that the club had been shut anyway!

All in all, Saturday sounds like it was a pretty boring day, but it was just the calm before the storm!

Day 2 – Bonn

I slept really badly last night: we were worried about our room being too cold, and in actuality it was boiling hot. I did experience that most dreaded of nighttime dilemmas: roast under the covers, or stick a leg out of bed to keep cool and risk the monster under the bed

Unsurprisingly Mama and I slept in, because neither of us set an alarm and due to my need for total darkness, had no idea what time it was. We staggered downstairs semi-awake for a German breakfast feast – hard bread! boiled eggs! suspicious meats! kaffee! orange juice! At Casa Loy it is such a rarity that all members of the Loy family eat breakfast together, so holiday breakfasts are nice.

Our day was spent in Bonn. We went in Dad’s car and rode around for a while, while he tried to get his bearings (a few years ago e stayed in Bonn when he came with a friend to watch the Grand Prix at the Nurburgring). We found one of those cavernous underground car parks and then ascended the first staircase we found within the labyrinth.

We wandered around and took photos of the buildings and of the big cathedral with its twisty steeple. We then had a coffee in one of the plaza-type squares, Dad and Grandad keeping the table while Mama and I went round a shopping centre. We wandered a bit further, nosing in shops, and we went to the Rhein, to watch the barges bringing up their loads of containers.

IMG_1122 IMG_1120 IMG_1118 IMG_1117

We went to a Pizza Hut for lunch (was the only place we could find that we all agreed on!) then Mum and I went shopping. We went to Promod, which ripped me off in Tenerife when the mister didn’t give me my change, but I bought two skirts here and Mum bought a top.

We wandered around a bit more and went into a fancy home shop. Everything is very Easter-themed here! All the hotels have Easter eggs hung in their houseplants and what have you. So I bought some fancy Easter baubles and a little basket to put them all in. I don’t know why we don’t celebrate Easter more in the UK: we love every other holiday.

Giant Lindt Bunny

Look at this huge Lindt bunny! You can compare its size to the regular sized ones all lined up underneath.

This evening was a pretty pants affair at the Nurburgring: the track didn’t open till later than half five, and then shut pretty much as soon as Dad and I got on the track, and then Dad did a lap with me and Mum once it opened, then it shut again. All in all it was opened about forty minutes and I didn’t even get a chance!

For tea we went to the Paddock, known as the one with the painting of the cars on the wall. It was very nice and heaving! I declined to have a steak, and had a mustard chicken thing:


Whilst we were at the Paddock, there was a table of gobby British tourists. There seem to be those who come to the Ring as a bucket list thing, getting drunk in Nurburg and embarrassing the rest of us, shouting and mouthing off about doing 8 minute laps when they are really just Car Park Cruisers.

A little blue Subaru called Dickie

I can’t really remember how old I was when Dad got his first Impreza: I remember it was a red one and we went on a camping holiday to Germany (i.e. to the Nurburgring) one summer in it. I remember it smelt really strongly of these weird smelling bead things in the central column, which must have been a big thing in Japan or something. Then I stopped being interested in cars and stayed at home with Mum when Dad would go to the Ring at Easter. He bought the blue car (which I call the Monster, though I’ve been told the Monster Energy stickers are coming off bit by bit – what a travesty!) and then when I was about nineteen I suddenly overnight decided I liked cars again, and went to Germany with Dad and Papaloy, crammed in the back cuddling up to a spare set of tyres, for thirteen hours on the road.

Dickie is my first track car. I did a couple of track days in Johnny the Peugeot and then took Millie the Puma to the Ring one Easter (for my birthday that year Dad bought me a massive framed photo which one day I’ll upload on here). I always wanted an Impreza, but ideally I had wanted a red one. However when one with the number plate DCK came up on The ‘Bay, I couldn’t resist, and hence one severely stickered-up beasty came to live at Windy Farm!

A very pimping Dickie freshly unloaded from the trailer!
A very pimping Dickie freshly unloaded from the trailer!

Dickie has done one weekend at the Ring and a couple of track days at Blyton Park. He also hurtles across to Hull occasionally so can sometimes be seen tearing up the tarmac (gingerly, I might add) on the B1248. At the moment we’re getting all hyped up for the Easter pilgrimage to the Nurburgring, so fingers crossed for good weather!

As for me – I know absolutely nothing about cars, and tend to go to Dad with complaints of a “weird noise” only for him to pull *that* face at me, as if to say for God’s sake don’t you know anything! But for someone who knows nothing about cars, I have my own little fleet (can three cars be called a fleet?), and sure spend a hell of a lot of time in them!