“Northern Big One” – Subaru Car Show at Lightwater Valley

2 car shows in 2 weeks! Today, on Father’s Day, we went to the Northern Big One at Lightwater Valley – a car show for Subaru owners and enthusiasts. We went in convoy: Dad in the “blue car from the video”, me in Dickie, and Andy in the black car “from the video”. The show was a bit smaller than we had expected but there were plenty of good Scoobies to take photos of. We took Bilbo and Daisy the Shar Pei puppy so they had a nice day out. I would say it was better organised than the Modified Car Show, but I was disappointed by the lack of stalls: I need me something Subaru-branded!

Anyway I took loads and loads of photos. Here are a select few!

IMG_6720 IMG_6718IMG_6713IMG_6708IMG_6688IMG_6685IMG_6682IMG_6675IMG_6656IMG_6650IMG_6648IMG_6647IMG_6637IMG_6634IMG_6629IMG_6707IMG_6702IMG_6704That was a lot of car pictures!

I think this might be it for car shows this year. Soon it will be time for a different kind of show – the Village Show! But fear not – there will be updates about Dickie and our car-related escapades too. I’m hoping to do an update about Dickie Mk II when I get round to it… and of course, come August, there will be the excitement of the second Ring trip!

Until next time.

Katy and Dickie x