My Non-Fiction Bookshelf


My reading habits have always strayed towards the realms of fantasy; that’s not to say I don’t like a good bit of gritty realism, but more often than not, I’m a sucker for a good quest. And out of all that, I always tend to pick up a fiction book as opposed to something real.

Not here! Please see below my rather modest non-fiction bookshelf. Although looking at it from here, I am struck that I am missing a couple of titles – there are more?!

non fiction bookshelf

Now I did at some point in my rather convoluted life get a university education; in fact, not only the one, but two degrees! However looking up at those books, I only ever used the three on the far right in my MA, and two of those for one essay on the Pre-Raphaelites – and that was because I was writing about a Dante Gabriel Rossetti painting of Pandora – and the other, well, because I wanted to really know what ‘postcolonialism’ was.

Don’t even ask.

The rest has a distinct historical tinge. I love Neil Oliver! I’ve watched all his series, but I’ve yet to really get into either of his books. The same goes for the Andrew Marr book. I think some part of me really wanted to be a historian. The prevalence of Neil Oliver’s ancient Britain/Anglo-Saxon history books emerges from my third year studies into Anglo Saxon Literature: how very high-brow. Who doesn’t love a bit of the Wanderer? Beowulf is just far too mainstream.

The book on the Norse Myths isn’t a bit of diversification on my previous foray into Old English: I have no shame in naming Thor as my favourite film. I wanted to know if Loki and Thor really were adopted brothers. I’m still a bit confused.

I intend to read all of these in my little lifetime. I should just start from the left and move across. I mean, nobody ever reads reference books like a story. But I love my dictionary on Classical Mythology. Is there a career where you can just study lots of different mythologies? I think I’d like to write encyclopedias on the world’s mythologies. That’s like my dream job.

Do you have any opinions on my non-fiction? Too bland, too historical, too uninspired? I’d love to know your recommendations!

And of course, the speed freak on me is itching to have a go at Guy Martin’s autobiography.