A Little Blue Subaru Called Dickie – Detailing

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Just a quickie from Dickie!

That is not meant to be rude. I signed up to Car Throttle the other day, and apparently Dickie is on their ban list! That is quite honestly discrimination. It is his nickname!

I drove Dickie to work the other day – it was a chain of events necessitated by the badly behaved Flying Banana decided to spit out (or rather chew up and stubbornly wedge away) the equivalent of emission dummies. Dickie was in for his MOT anyway, but he then had to be swiftly taxed (gulp) and then had his first ride out. Brum!

However it wasn’t a typical Dickie run out:

After basically running on fumes and less than, I filled him up with super at a proper petrol station, none of this supermarket rubbish, and then gunned it all the way home.

Or, until the check engine light came on!

So, unfortunately I had to dash the hopes of the Corsa kids behind me, who were dreaming presumably of a quick chase from North Grimston to Norton, judging by the way they pushed me to the Setty turn off.

And then after a night in car hospital… no check engine, just a happy brum!! Hmmm.

Saw this on Car Throttle, thought it was appropriate (sorry, I don’t know who made it!):

check engine not sure

Anyway, Daddy then, in typical father tinkering fashion, got to detailing the Dixster! Check him out – Brum’s lookin’ good!


Rusty Yucky Dickie
Rusty Yucky Dickie


Shiny sexy Dickie!

Shiny sexy Dickie!

So tell me what you think – does he look mighty fiiiine? We’re getting ready for the Big Breakfast meeting on Easter weekend.

So if you’re in the Hull area, or travelling on the B1248, watch out! There’s a noisy little blue Subaru about!

Love Katy