The Watering Can Fairy! – The Raised Bed Diaries #7

We went away on holiday for a week to the Nurburgring in Germany, and I spent all holiday worrying about my crops, especially the ones in the cloche. However, it seems like the watering can fairy has struck, and some kind soul has watered my plants!

In the last post, I showed how a courgette was gently peeping out. The hotel we stayed at in Germany had its own little vegetable patch and a polytunnel, so I was dead nosy about that. They were only growing herbs in the polytunnel. Every time I saw the veg patch, I got all angsty about mine. At the end of our holiday, I was mega sad to leave (it’s always that bittersweet feeling of wanting to go home and have normal stuff for breakfast rather than hard bread, and staring out at the great yawning gap from now till the next holiday) but excited – and apprehensive – to see what had happened to my plants.

They’ve exploded! A huge flurry of growth seems to have happened while I’ve been away. I don’t know if it’s just the absence that makes them look so much bigger, but I’m sure they’ve put on a bit of a growth spurt.




I’ve had to repot my broccoli because they had outgrown the little pots. These broccoli plants are monstrous, they’re outgrowing the pots faster than I can pot them out. I need to find somewhere for them to be planted out.


But the real victory story here…I left for Germany with one courgette – I’ve come back with seven!


So I’ve repotted them in individual pots. And two more courgettes are coming through, which is amazing considering I thought I’d killed them all.

My salad leaves, spinach, beetroot and radishes all look grand. I think I’m going to plant out my radishes and see how they fair.

Overall, I’m so pleased nothing died! Everything seems to have flourished so much while I’ve been gone, maybe I should leave them alone more often? I hope it’s not a reflection on me! Now to find the watering can fairy……


Courgette!! – The Raised Bed Diaries #6

I thought I’d killed my courgettes. I was reading so much contradictory information about courgettes – they need to be in modules, in pots this deep, in pots that deep, half-filled, no soil on top, lots of soil on top, on their edge, on their side, behind glass, out on the plot… it went on and on! After seeing nothing for three weeks, I’d all but given them up for goners. And then, on the day we’re about to go on holiday, I see this little guy poking his nose out!


It was like the greatest moment so far! I was convinced I had killed them all. Even if I just have the one (I can’t remember how many I planted!), I will be dead pleased – and you don’t really need more than one courgette plant anyway.

Not sure how they’ll do while we’re away – I have these visions of coming home and finding everything all shrivelled up and dead. But hopefully all will be well and I’ll have a lovely little courgette plant growing along merrily!

A full and flourishing cloche! – The Raised Bed Diaries #5

We’re going away soon, but my trays in the cloche are coming along very nicely indeed!

IMG_1043 IMG_1044


(L-R) Radish, Beetroot, Salad Leaves, Spinach. Below: Runner Beans (freshly potted) Courgettes (in tray) and Broccoli

There seems to be a weird sort of gap in the middle of the radishes: either my hand slipped when I was planting them or I overwatered them and they all swam into their neighbouring modules!

The runner beans have been freshly potted so I don’t expect to see much till after we’ve been away.

The courgettes are my main worry: they’ve been in over 3 weeks and nothing has happened.

The broccoli was already sprouting when I bought it, andĀ I’veĀ repotted out into those round containers. It is growing at a great rate of knots, but I don’t know where I’m going to put it when I’ve run out of big enough containers.

The Best Moment for a Gardening Virgin – The Raised Bed Diaries #3

What is the greatest moment for a trainee gardener, starting out? After all that hardwork, digging and shovelling manure and topsoil, stamping the plot down and raking it over and over, and then setting up my trays, planting teeny tiny little seeds in their little modules, I have some rewards!


If you look really closely, you can see the tiny little buds! These are my salad leaves.

The sense of pride and achievement I felt I think was greater than anything else!

And a few days later, they started springing up everywhere!




Nurture & Nature … The Raised Bed Diaries #2

So I have begun starting my seeds off! Mum showed me properly how to do my trays. As you can see here, they’re only half full, so I’m about to drop my seeds in.

Seeds planted in their tray


So far, dead pleased with my green-fingered efforts!

Five trays and a propagator

I have so far done: mixed salad leaves, spinach, radish, beetroot and courgette (the latter of which I don’t have the greatest of faith in – I think it’s too early), plus the freebie tomato seeds I got in the propagator.

These are all now to go in the cloche!

In the cloche

After erecting the cloche, which was so straightforward I’m sure I’ve not done it right, we picked a nice sunny spot to start them off! Also in the cloche are a few plants I bought, ready sprouting: onions, mangetout, and broccoli. Mum also put her sweetpeas in to fill it up.

The cloche

And here we have it! My babies! So pleased. Just got to wait and see if anything happens now…