The Liebster Award

I was very kindly nominated for the Liebster Award by the very lovely ohevie, see the original post here!  Now I’ve heard about Liebster before but only because I’ve seen the logo on other blogs, and I always thought there was no chance I’d ever be nominated for an award! We were on our way back from picking up two half-ton bags of barley for the cattle when I got the notification, so safe to say I was very pleased! Now it has been months and months since I was nominated, but I’ve only been able to do a little bit at a time. But now I’m done!

The Rules
1.Post 11 facts about yourself
2.Answers the 11 questions the person who nominated your has asked
3.Nominate 11 other low-key bloggers, spread the low-key love
4.Ask them 11 questions
5.Let them know that they have a nomination

My facts

  1. I want to be a full-time writer, and am currently working towards finishing my first book, ready to send out to agents this summer. It’s been my lifelong dream to write and earn a little bit from it, so I’m giving it my best go.
  2. I’m helping my boyfriend Scott build up his farm so he can work there full-time and earn a wage from it. We have about 20 cattle and about 100+ sheep, though we’re right in the middle of lambing and so that number is increasing by the day.
  3. I’m an only child.
  4. I have a big white fluffy Samoyed called Bilbo. I love him very much but he lives with my mum and dad so I don’t get to see him every day which breaks my heart. When they go on holiday I’m going to look after him which I’m super excited about.
  5. I have two cats, Maura and Luna, who I got from Cats Protection League, though my mum has six cats altogether.
  6. I went to the University of York to study Linguistics and Literature, and then did an MA in English at the University of Hull. I did half a PGCE in Secondary English before dropping out. I’m not very confident and really struggled to get in front of a class of rowdy teenagers and command their attention. It really hurt my self-confidence.
  7. I have a little blue Subaru Impreza called Dickie! I used to do track days with my dad a lot though I haven’t been on one for a while. Our family holidays are usually spent at the Nurburgring in Germany :).
  8. I have two raised beds and a greenhouse at my mum and dad’s, and this year I have every intention to make a good go of growing my own vegetables.
  9. I own my own house, though we’re going to move to what was my grandparents’ house soon because it’s bigger and there’s no mortgage to pay off, so we will rent out my house. It’s in the same village as my mum and dad and my Grandad built it in the fifties.
  10. I have lots of lovely dresses that I can’t wait to wear for summer. Not really suitable for feeding up at the moment!
  11. I like baking and for Christmas Scott bought me a lovely freestanding mixer. Once lambing is over I can’t wait to start baking again. I found a recipe for pecan bites and am hoping to start with them.

My Answers

1.What is your favourite animal? – I’m a big cat lover and have been brought up around cats all my life. I really like tigers and was gutted when I went to Flamingo Land with some friends and the tigers weren’t out in their enclosure. Since getting Bilbo I’ve come round to the idea of dogs, and Scott’s sheepdog Fly lives with us. If I were to get another animal it would be a Samoyed puppy.
2.What is your best quality? – This is a tricky one! I’m tempted to say I don’t have a best quality because I can change my mind on a whim. I like to think I am kind and that expands out to putting the needs of others beyond my own.
3.What are your thoughts on Valentines Day? – I’m a bit late with this one, as it’s been so busy I’ve not managed to answer my questions in time! This year was the first year I’ve spent Valentine’s with a boyfriend, so it was nice, and I got a nice big bouquet of roses which of course was lovely. To be honest it’s just like any other day, and we didn’t do anything special.
4.How do you practice self-care? – This is a tricky one. I’ve had a few wobbles over the past couple of months, for all sorts of different reasons – from my answer to question 2 to things like money issues. I do try to take a little bit of time out for myself, even if it’s just to have a nice hot bubble bath or to read a chapter or two of a book I really like. I tend to write (or mentally write) a list of things I want to do for me, and try to get through those. It can be anything from being in the garden to taking an afternoon to do my own things.
5.Why did you start your blog? – A couple of different reasons – to document my trials in the garden, and now in the farm, but also to try and support my writing. I’m trying (foundering) to finish my first book for agent submission and the blog is meant to stand alongside it. Ideally I’d like to launch my website off my blog, and have information about my books, series, characters, that sort of thing.
6.Do you like using emoji’s? – Sometimes. A smiley face never hurts, does it? 😉
7.What is your favourite song at the moment? – Oh, this changes every day! I heard On A Storyteller’s Night by Magnum on Planet Rock the other day and loved that. It’s quite an old song but I had an Amazon voucher so I downloaded the album (of the same name). I like my rock and my metal, too. I really like bands like Nightwish and Epica, and my favourite singer is Tarja Turunen.
8.Do you have any tattoo’s? – Ooh, no. And I never will. I wouldn’t ever find anything I liked enough to commit to my skin.
9.Have you ever been addicted to anything? – Buying books, probably. Spending money when I was younger at university and it didn’t matter because everyone else was doing it. I’ve never smoked a cigarette and nowadays it’s quite rare for me to have a drink – I can’t really afford it at the moment. I don’t even drink that much tea or coffee.
10.Imagine you had the worst day, what could someone do to make you feel better? – Well there’s all the annoying practical things, like empty the washing machine and do all the chores around the house and have cooked tea, but really a cuddle and a cup of tea and a nice quiet night are probably the best ways to make me feel better.
11.What were your New Year Resolutions? – Just the one, really. To finish my book! I’m almost there, though I’m considering cutting out a bunch of characters to streamline it a bit more.

My Nominees

This is more a list of my favourite blogs & bloggers who I definitely recommend a visit! (There’s no obligation to do the questions as I suspect a few of you might have already done this before)

A Little Nonsensical

Cash and Carrots

Charlene McElhinney

Candidly Darling

Pretty Purple Polka Dots


The Howling Wolfheart

Mud Cakes and Wine

Floral Cars

My Questions

  1. What’s your favourite thing about blogging?
  2. What would you like to achieve from your blog in the next year?
  3. What’s your favourite book and why?
  4. Is there a film/TV adaptation of a book that’s better than the original book?
  5. When you’re feeling down/anxious/upset, what do you find works best for you to feel better?
  6. What’s your idea of a perfect day?
  7. Do you follow any sports (which ones)?
  8. What’s your favourite time of year?
  9. Who is the most important person in your life right now?
  10. Can you drive and if yes, what car do you have (or would you like to have)?
  11. What’s your favourite thing about where you live (can be your home or the area)?

Thanks for reading, and thanks again for the nomination!


5 thoughts on “The Liebster Award

  1. Lovely read and wow some great things going on. Let’s see if I can get my response out soon 😂😂. Thank you for your kind words xxx 😘

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