Don’t give up the daydream

You’ve heard the old saying. Somebody does something stupid, or funny, or badly, and you go, “Don’t give up the day job”. And usually it’s comic effect – haha, we all laugh, how funny, and go about our merry way. Because silly Sandra never really planned on being a professional juggler, or an impressionist, or whatever. She’s quite happy doing whatever it is she’s doing.

But I’m here as the advocate of daydreams – and their bigger, badder cousin, The Dream. Because I have A Dream (a song to sing…) and I’m sure as hell not giving up on it.

Dreams come in different stages: the little, personal, potentially achievable dream; then the bigger, often coincidental, not very obtainable but still existent dream; and then the great big dream, the out there in the stars, in your wildest dreams dream, the one that we might not even admit to ourselves.

My dream is to write my book. And when I say write my book, I mean finish it. Dot all my Is, cross all my Ts and scrutinise every semi-colon. Tighten up my storyline, tie up loose ends, cut out superfluous details, events and characters, and Do A Good Job. This is an achievable dream. It depends only on me, to sit at my computer and write and edit and rewrite and re-edit. I’ll send bits and pieces out to the ladies from my Writing Group or close friends or (Lord above) beta readers, but the onus is on me. The next dream is the trickier one. I want to get an agent, and get published. Or else self-publish. Whichever works. This requires a lot of luck, perseverance, and one thing I don’t have a lot of – diligence. Because I will be rejected, over and over. But I believe in my dream, so I will keep at it. And then the big dream, the one in my wildest dreams, is to be successful with my book. I could go on about winning awards and getting TV adaptations but really, I just want people to read my book, and like it. I want them to get what I’m talking about, live and love amongst my characters and settings, and enjoy it, the way I’ve enjoyed thousands of books and stories in my time.

It’s very easy to let life get in the way of dreams. There are bills to pay, obligations to meet, and others to think about and cater for. I’ve had to accept defeats and clamber over innumerable setbacks in my time, and I’m in the middle of a big one now, having had to go back to work. I’m about five chapters from the end of my book, but I’ve changed things as I’ve gone along which then need to be gone back to and shuffled about again. A lot still needs to be cut and much more time has to be spent on it but I also need to live and support myself. I’m enjoying working again and being around people again, and this job is fairly local so I don’t have a lengthy commute to cut into my own time.

My mum bought me this little butterfly shaped ceramic tile with the message ‘If you can dream it, you can do it’ written inside. I’ve hung it over my desk and whenever I feel down or up against it, I just look at it and try to remember my dreams – whether that’s the big one or just the little one.

How do you keep on top of your dreams? How is your own pursuit of your dream going? Let me know in the comments!


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