April’s Goodreads Challenge: Starting Line

I get to come into April with a bit of a clean slate. Alongside my allotted monthly books I’ve been catching up with Robin Hobb’s Fitz and the Fool series, in anticipation for book 3 coming out soon. I finished the second book last month so have a relatively low on-the-go pile.

While waiting about in the lambing shed I started re-reading a book I’ve attempted many times – Stephen King’s The Gunslinger, Book One of the Dark Tower series. I’ve read lots of Stephen Kings over my time, including what is probably one of the scariest books ever, It. Have you seen the trailer for the new film coming out this year? It looks absolutely terrifying. I mean, clowns, hello! The scariest things out there. When I have kids we are so not having clowns at kids’ parties. And Pennywise isn’t even the big bad in It – he’s just a facet, a mouthpiece.

I read the first part of the Gunslinger quickly, and then I’ve not picked it up for a few days. It’s a difficult book, partly because of King’s style – so very American and pop-culture heavy, that for an English person you kind of feel like you’re being left out on a private joke a lot of the time, which in his normal horror works out OK, as he builds real worlds very well indeed, but for this sort of post-apocalyptical fantasy world writing, does annoy you as a reader a little. I will persevere, and maybe I’ll actually finish it this time around.

For April I’ve picked a book off my Goodreads pile that I’ve had kicking around since my MA days and have never read. This is the type of book that will require a lot of attention and careful reading – I know this from having to read a paragraph on page 2 about three times to even understand what it was going on about. This is Ann Radcliffe’s The Romance of the Forest, and it’s a biggie and an oldie, from the late eighteenth century, and one of the first forays into the Gothic. Somehow I don’t think I can dib in and out of this in the bath, like I have done with the others! But it is my April book so I’m determined to finish it.


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