A little while, a little change

So, I’ve been away for a little while. Have a guess what I’ve been doing… well, it involves faces like this one!photo-05-11-2016-09-25-41-1

At the beginning of November I hung up my heels and skirt suits and pulled on my wellies and my waterproofs. No more boardrooms and neverending email chains! Now it’s all about feeding up and bedding up and chopping fodder beet in all weathers.


It’s a time of change and upheaval. I’ve gone from living on my own to having a house full with two cats, a gentleman and now a little border collie. Suddenly Casa Katy seems very small and cramped, so alongside doing what I can at the farm (which isn’t a great deal) and trying to run our household, I’m also spending a lot of time clearing out what will be our next home.

I’m also meant to be writing, but sssh… In four weeks I’ve written about a thousand words. And it was NaNoWriMo as well! I have the ideas in my head and I’ve mentally altered a lot of MFB, not to mention this morning starting the first chapter of MSB (#MySecondBook) without even meaning to. I just woke up with the idea in my head!

So keep tuned for more updates from the farm, and hopefully progress on #MFB.


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