Happy Paper Club – a mystery parcel

So, as you may (or may not) know, it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago. I got lots of lovely things and did a wee little post about them here #MyStyleWednesday – Summer baby

The other day I came home to a mysterious box posted through my letterbox! I was very confused as I was pretty sure (though naturally not 100% confident) I hadn’t ordered anything, and it all looked very professional and proper. I was meant to be racing out that night so I quickly made short work of the protective tape fastening all up, and was very surprised to find a tissue wrapped box of goodies, from my best friend Amy (who coincidentally also has a blog too, and I’d love it if you gave her a little nosy! She can be found here: In bed with Amy). Amy is big on subscription parcels, and knowing me to be the stationery nerd that I am, she knocked the ball out of the park with getting me a Happy Paper Club subscription!

So here it is, opened up for funsies.

Happy Paper Club

There are lots of goodies in here! I got a birthday card from Gabrielle, the lady behind The Green Gables, the company that runs the Happy Paper Club, which was super nice. There were a couple of notes describing the box and a nice personal touch from Gabrielle. Then we have lovely notepaper in a gradiated watercolour style, which I swear looks too nice to have my scrawl all over it. I love the little motivational card that reads ‘know that there is something inside you greater than any obstacle’ and I have this pinned to my corkboard by my desk. There are a then four notecards, two in each colour, plus two pins in matching colours, one which says ‘Love always’ and the other ‘Dream big’ – definitely the latter is a motto of mine. Then we have some fun stickers – I especially love the VW camper van – which I can go crazy with. I got a fab 10% discount code plus a little pretty from Auntie Mims, which gives a 20% code off their amazing handmade wooden toys and accessories. Finally the candy-striped circular object has a mirror on the reverse, which is great!

Happy Paper Club, The Green Gables

Happy Paper Club, The Green Gables

Happy Paper Club, The Green Gables

Now, I’m not a big letter-writer, and I know there has been a bit of a renaissance in the old pen and paper postal comms industry of late, whether that’s a retro throwback or a bit of nostalgia, who knows. But while I might send Amy a silly note or two, I think I might use my pretty papers and cards to note down inspirational things for my writing. After all, that’s what Amy wrote on my little notecard. I know she’s really just fishing for a spot in the rollcall on the acknowledgements page!

I’m so pleased with this month’s box and looking forward to playing with everything and receiving next month’s.



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