#MyStyleWednesday – Summer baby

As it was my birthday, I of course got lots of lovely things from my wonderful family and friends. Thank you all so very much for your gifts and kind words! Now I was planning on taking loads of cool arty pictures, but instead my DSLR decided it would flash up an error message, so instead we get dodgy iPhone photos. Hurrah!

How do you guys get your photos off your phones? For some reason my Photostream won’t sync to my phone, and so I have to save them to my Dropbox, and then decide if I can be bothered to edit them or not.

We had a lovely BBQ at my house with lots of food, and were very lucky because a couple of days later my patio table broke!

I know people say birthdays mean less and less the older you get, but I still look forward to mine, even if I don’t do anything big or special. For our eighteenth birthdays, Steffi and I had a big party at the pub in my village, the Middleton Arms, and really we should have maybe gone back there for a meal to reminiscence. That was probably the last big thing I did for my birthday: being a summer baby, we were either still at school, or else it was the summer break from uni and the majority of people were caning it with fishbowls and minus inhibitions in Zante or wherever; hmm nah not for me! And then of course I worked in the summer schools for ooh six years, which means your summer is no longer yours to enjoy, but rather one you forsake for the flood of students to descend upon the world. I’m much happier chilling out with my family – must be getting old! Well, once you’ve gone beyond 25, I’ve been told, it’s all downhill from there.

Things I’ve learnt since passing the midst of my twenties:

Nobody actually knows what’s going on – we just take each day as it comes, and while there may be a mid-term goal (a job, a little two bed terraced house, a holiday to somewhere other than the Nurburgring) and maybe even a long-term goal or two (a finished book… can you believe it?), ultimately, a lot can happen between now and then, and nobody is able to predict the future.

Responsibility might be smelly, but it really makes you think carefully about that pretty dress in Oasis, or that really interesting looking book that’s been on your wishlist forever, and whether or not you really need it, or can budget for it … sadly, it’s not quite extended to my attitude towards plants! Oh well. They can’t all be winners, can they?

The hangovers last a lifetime. At least a couple of days.

People start to say to you, “I don’t know if you have kids or not”, as opposed to, “Oh you wouldn’t know about having kids”.

A night in is a much more attractive prospect than a night out in the cold, staggering around in too-high stilettos, in an uncomfortable outfit which will inevitably get somebody else’s drink poured on it, queuing for a year and a half to get served an overpriced watered down nasty drink, having to swerve drunk guys who think they’re entitled to a free grope and exes who shouldn’t be given the time of day. I imagine.

Sleep is very important.

There are probably more, but for now, here are some of my birthday pictures! Thanks for reading.

Birthday mantlepiece GOT Funko Pop Photo 27-07-2016, 21 05 32 Steffi earrings better



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