You might have seen “MFB” dotted around my posts, elusively made reference to and never explained.

My first book!

This is something I’ve been writing since I was 18, and is by no means the first book I started. I have another novel in my head that I started dreaming of when I was 13/14, and another when I was about 15. Those are in great states of infancy, but MFB is in a much better position for possible publication. Screamy face. Some elements have been borrowed or adapted from another little short story I started when I was 12 – nothing is ever thrown away, it is merely repossessed!

I’ve been writing MFB on and off since I was 18; it was massively influenced by my time at the University of York. Consequently after graduation it fell to the wayside as I was focusing on work and sorting out a life that’s never really got all that much more sorted. I picked it up, playing with it a little more, and put it down again. Other parts expanded, were added, were moved around, and it got to the point where it was a big ole mess and there was no rhyme nor reason, but I knew there was a beating heart in there somewhere. So in September 2015 I decided to sort myself out and go for it. Other things had got in the way: jobs, boyfriends, Masters, PGCEs, summer schools. Not any longer! I was determined, and so determination became. I got a new house, a new job, and a new sense of vitality.

From September 2015 to early 2016, I hammered away at the previous chapters I had written, procured from all the strangest places: done instead of an essay, done as the sun broke into the sky after a night out, done after seeing an ex with his new piece, done after messing up at work and being reprimanded for all I was worth; oh, you name it: I pull my inspiration from all over. I reviewed all the chapters I had written previously, placed them in some mad cap order, and filled in the blanks.

We came to about 70 chapters in the beginning of 2016. Chapters ranged from 5000 words to 20000 words. Madness. The book was totalling about 350000. And, not to do myself a disservice or anything, but my plot wouldn’t realistically carry 350000 words. So this is where Draft Two comes in.

As of this month, I’m halfway through the plot. I’ve cut at least 8 chapters, and have my critical eye on a few more that I’ve let slide – for the moment. I’m pleased with setting, characters and elements of the plot. I’m even sort of dare I say it happy with the writing style. Oh yeah so the dialogue is in places awful – characters in some scenes sound the same, or inappropriate to their role. Some of the larger plot points are underdeveloped and there are big fat holes where I’ve written a comment along the lines of “Oh my god child what are you actually doing with you life?” Something I ask myself daily.

I’m happy charging ahead now and would appreciate any comments of motivation or interest! If any of you are fellow aspiring writers I would love to hear from you too!

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