A little absence, much change

I haven’t been the best blogger of late, and it looks like my last post was well over a year ago! You must forgive me, as it’s been quite the year of change, good and bad, for me, but I have come out the other side with new found determination.

I started 2016 with a new house and new job! I started house-hunting last year and found my perfect little house pretty quickly. I picked up the keys at the end of November and am now the very proud owner of Casa Katy. I have a lot of stuff, as you can imagine (mainly books!), and a lot is still at Windy Farm taking up space at my Mum and Dad’s. Slowly bit by bit I’m sorting things out as I can afford them. My house has a lovely garden, split into two parts, out back and a little bit of outside space out front, so I’m working on making a pretty garden refuge.

Photo 20-06-2016 18 10 04
Three views of my garden

Also at the same time, I left my job (and my mega commute!) and started a new job in York. I’m definitely not missing the drive, which was getting ridiculous, especially since my previous company was moving premises into Hull city centre – definitely no good for me. I now have all this time on an evening – time to write (she says, hopefully, with such good intentions!).

After I’d been in my little house a while, I adopted two cats from the Cats Protection League. Meet Luna and Maura! I think I only went for one, but couldn’t say no. They’re not sisters and don’t really get on, though after 6 days in a cattery together while I was in Germany, they’re not so bad. I still don’t feel grown-up enough to look after myself let alone two little girls, paying bills and my mortgage, but we’re getting on alright!

2016 hasn’t been the greatest of years; after a couple of big changes towards the end of last year, the beginning of this year, we had a tough time when my Grandad suddenly passed away. This was a really big shock for all of us, even though he wasn’t by any means a young man, he was still active and independent, and I don’t think any of us expected it to happen as suddenly as it did.

Grandad and me a few Nurburgring trips ago
Grandad and I a few Nurburgring trips ago

It really brings home the transience of life, and how quickly things can change, and suddenly no longer be; it also spurred me on to think about the things I’m really passionate about, and try and get a wriggle on with those.

I have a couple of ideas in mind, some of which will remain tantalisingly vague for the moment, but the big one is of course my writing. After the busy summer last year, I made a deal with myself to crack on with the proper first draft of my “first” book. I call it my “first” because while it may be the one I’m going to try and make a go of, it’s by no means the first one I ever started to write. This one is a weighty tome that has been in my head since first year of university, and has changed over time massively, particularly whilst it has been confined to the cobweb-draped recesses of my overactive fraught little brain. From about September to February I managed to bash out my first draft, and now I am half-way through the first soul-crushing heart-wrenching rewrite, so meekly titled the “second draft”. I have made a little cocoon under my stairs in my new house which is, thus far, being highly conducive to my jabs at writing and editing.

So, new job, new house, and new lease of life! There have been some big goodbyes over the past few months, and some big changes. And I hope to keep you posted on more to come.

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