Modified Car Show Pics

I’d like to think the Allanbys are seasoned car show-ers. My childhood was spent in the back of a Sierra Cosworth or maybe even a 16i, trekking from our little home in Yorkshire to the ends of the world, or so it seemed. We would go to Cornwall, to Wales, and up to Aberdeen in Scotland. We showed the cars in classes and Dad would have a stall selling his Philloy stuff. I remember I used to be in charge of selling Ford badges – I think at one Ford Fair I made a right killing on my badges: £60 for a ten year old child is pretty decent (and to be honest I think it was way more than that!). There was a lady who had spied an opportunity in the market, capitalising on the bored children and mothers not into cars, and she had a huge Beanie Babies stall that Mum and I used to spend a lot of time at, once we’d given the show a good once-over (still into cars, first and foremost).


Last weekend we went to Pickering Modified Car Show in the showfield. I went in Dickie and Dad took the black car with Bilbo sat in the boot. I wish I’d taken a picture! I took a load of photos from the show. In all honesty, it was a bit of a teenage boy type show: a lot of the ‘hear the Vtec kick in bro’ going on. I went essentially to look at Subarus. Inside the arena (big shed) there was a bit more unusual stuff; the black Mustang was getting a fair bit of attention. Unfortunately we went into the shed just at the time they were having some sort of mini-rave with the DJ from the George Hotel in Malton.

Here are my pictures! There are lots of Subarus – some are a bit garish and a bit tacky, and some shouldn’t look good but kind of look amazing. For more Subaru pictures be sure to check back next week after I’ve been to the NBO this Sunday!

I spy with my little eye a Philloy tank!

IMG_6571 IMG_6570 IMG_6569 IMG_6568 IMG_6567 IMG_6565 IMG_6562 IMG_6561IMG_6590IMG_6589IMG_6588IMG_6587IMG_6586IMG_6585IMG_6584IMG_6582IMG_6581IMG_6578IMG_6577IMG_6576IMG_6574


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