Destination Nurburgring 2015: Not long now!

So later on this evening I will be sat on the ferry bound to Rotterdam! I haven’t done any posting of any sort over the past few days because work has been genuinely manic, and the past few days seem to have just disappeared in a blur.

There may be distinct radio silence on the blog front (pah! That’s nothing new) as I suspect internet access will be sketchy at best. I may be able to do some Twittervating and Instagramming, dependent on how extortionate internet will be on my phone. If I can sweet-talk Michael for the wifi password it may be a different story, but we shall see!

So on my return (well, maybe a little later than my return – I go from ferry to work to yoga to bed to dead repeat the first couple of days) I shall be (hopefully) uploading pictures and writing up the posts from this year’s trip!

The weather doesn’t look optimistic but who knows. I just want a sleep! Anyway, my bags are packed, my car is full of petrol, my bank balance is empty, my playlist is uploaded onto my iPod, and I am about ready to go!

See you on the other side šŸ™‚

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