Penniless Princess – Shopping: Planning Ahead

**Penniless Princess** – Shopping for the weeks ahead

How do you shop? Where is your favourite place to shop? Let me know in the comments!

Sparkly April

**Caution: if you’re a veggie, this post has pictures of meat in it. Sorry! Avert your gaze if you would rather not see!**

As you may have guessed, I’m all about that budgeting, not that bass! In previous incarnations, I did like me a little bit of spending: a Mulberry bag here, Kurt Geiger shoes there, and above all, never ever let me loose in Michael Kors! But now I’m trying to save to move out, so it’s all about being money-sensible.

What I usually do is on a Monday or Tuesday, have my little list ready, and either at lunch or at the end of the day, I go to Tesco and get what I want for that week. Sometimes if I have a voucher I’m quids in, so I might treat myself – I got prawns one week: ooooh!

This week, however, I decided to go into forward planning overdrive. I had a voucher for £4 off a £20 shop at Sainsbury’s. This might not sound like much to you, but every penny counts! I actually have four of these vouchers: we’re on week 3 of them. But I try not to spend £20 a week on food if possible – and especially not now I’ve had my mega shop!

How to make your money go further:

1. This is my mega shop:

Penniless Princess meat feast






I bought some beef for frying, pork loin steaks and turkey breast. Turkey is a wee bit cheaper than chicken and I quite like the taste!

None of this was on”special offer”: the beef was the basics range, and all in all it came to just over £10.

2. Get your baggies ready! I like these resealable ones which you can get from any supermarket. Just to prove it, here I use ones from Tesco and Morrisons.

3. Get some good sharp knives. The beef was quite hard to cut with my “good” knife, so I used our proper chef’s knife. I sliced everything up – without mixing!

4. Bag ’em up! Just like this:

A months worth of freezer fodder

PRO TIP! Don’t forget to label them. Name and date, if you please.

So out of those three cartons I got 9 x portions of beef, 2 x pork steaks, 3 x pork pieces, and 4 x turkey! That’s 18 meals there! All but one of the beef got whacked in the freezer; the beef I had as a stir fry for tea.

This should last me the whole of April! (Bear in mind I haven’t bought anything for Easter.) I am pretty chuffed with myself. I also have a few portions of meatballs I froze from earlier on – plenty to go off!

The idea is to now only buy what I need fresh that isn’t growing in my garden. I mean, a girl can live on kale, but she needs some variation!

I shall let you all know if this kept me going for all of April.

How do you try to make your shopping (or money in general) go further? Please let me know in the comments!





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