Sunday Morning Motivation – How I Forward Plan

How is it Sunday morning already?! Where has the week gone? It feels like only yesterday I was sat here writing last Saturday’s post. Work is quite busy at the moment: I’m doing lots of interviews, which do make the days go by quite quickly, and we’re starting to fill up the centres, which is lovely. This also means that summer is fast approaching – for a lot of people that is cause for celebration. Hurrah, summer! Sunshine, warm weather, long holidays, sundresses, sunglasses, sun cream. Not so much for us…

Sundays are the days I try to organise for the week ahead. I’m trying to be frugal in my spending, which relies a lot on forward-planning. I’m trying to pay a little more attention to my blog, which is often neglected in favour of sleep. After a long day at work and a long drive home (I commute an hour each way to work, and I drive, which is a little more draining than maybe taking the train) I tend to just fall asleep on the settee. Bad Katy! Also with March in full swing, this means I have my garden to keep an eye on – I have shoots and seedlings springing up left, right and centre; new things to be sowing, beds to be preparing…

So while most people are maybe sleeping off a hangover, this is when I get up early, make myself a nice coffee, and try to plan for the week ahead.

Sunday morning dream!
Sunday morning dream!

The tools I need to forward plan are:

  • My filofax (missing from the above picture, because I goofed) which is the key to my life. I watched a Youtube video about organising a filofax, and now realise I really need to have a better organised system in place; this however involves a 6-hole puncher, and in my frugal mindset I refuse to pay £30 for the filofax one (which allegedly is the only one that will fit) off Amazon.
  • My meal planner, which is the two page planner with meals on the left and shopping list on the right. This week I’m trying to plan ahead for the next two weeks – there are lots of leftovers in the freezer that need eating up. I got this from Paperchase on sale, and I love it: I go through the fridge and the freezer, and through my recipe books (of which I have many!) and pick out what I want. Then I scribble down a shopping list.
  • My garden planner, underneath my meal planner, is another Paperchase purchase that Mum bought me. It’s split into sections and I have managed to get a little bit behind in it. I’m trying to keep track of when I sowed what where, and then when I planted it out. I need to plan my second bed and there is some handy grid paper in it to help me be precise.
  • A blogging organiser. This is now something I need to get into shape. At the moment I am blogging or writing whenever I have time to either load up my computer and get going (usually a Saturday or Sunday morning, but this results in about 30 minutes of genuine work before I have to get Bilbo up and walked), or when I’m half asleep on the settee on my iPad. I’m behind with my writing, behind on my blogging. I need an overhaul!

At the moment, the only thing I am succeeding at is planning my meals. I try to draft up a list at the weekend, and on a Monday lunchtime or evening after work, I go to the big Tesco Extra in St Stephens and get my bits and bobs. Once a month I make an effort to go to Sainsburys in Hessle. This week because I’m on frugal leftover mode, I don’t actually need that much, so I can just zoom to the Tesco on Beverley Road.

So this week’s resolution is to get a blogging and writing organiser into some sort of effect. I’ve got all my seed packets out (in the little bag with the big dibber in) to update my gardening planner; I do have a feeling I might have to run around the windowsills and greenhouse jotting down dates, but that’s my own silly fault.

How do you guys all plan? Do you have a system you find effective? I’d love to hear it!

Till next time,



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