Christmas Day Pate

Although it may feel like years ago already, Christmas was only just a month ago. Which means it’s taken me over a month to put up the pictures of what I made for Christmas!

I love Christmas, and always have huge plans for what I’ll do: I’ll make my own Christmas cards, I’ll do the veggies, I’ll ice the cake and decorate it with an amazing gingerbread version of our house, with snow made out of royal icing… Obviously, those things didn’t quite happen. However, I did make the starter!

This isn’t anything all that new: making the starters has always been my domain, but in previous years, the starters have been those typical 70s stalwarts: prawn cocktail or grapefruit. This year I decided to push the boat out. I was going to make a pate!

Check it out!


I made it the day before, following a recipe from BBC Food. I used chicken livers (which was a pretty gruesome task when it came to chopping them up), then we didn’t have enough brandy so to deglaze the pan I used orange juice, which I thought added a nice citrussy kick. I declined the peppercorns in the butter and just grated on a little bit of orange zest.

I made my own wholemeal bread, which probably should have been kneaded a bit more, and proved a little longer, but toasted under the grill was fine.

A very homemade starter, and it went down a treat! I was dead chuffed, and will definitely have a go again.




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