Books to Read – Too Many To Choose!

It looks like my last post on my bookshelf was a big hit!

I’m hoping to write maybe a few reviews of books I’ve read. Put that MA to good use! I love reading – it’s always been one of my favourite things to do, and something I’d happily spend every day doing. I’ve even got my Dad reading!

I found this picture on my iPad of a whole library load of books to read… I wonder how many I’ve actually read? I think it was taken over a year ago!


Well, I’ve read The Name of the Rose! Aaaand… that’s about it! This is what happens: I have a serious problem. I am a Book-Buying Addict! I always have the best intentions to read everything. But obviously I bought all these while I was studying for a Masters, working in Hull four days a week, and then after that, leaping straight into a PGCE. Not much time for leisure reading.

However, now that I am free of all study – having left the PGCE – I should have the time to read! Here’s an idea… which of these books do you think I should have a stab at? I think I’m about fifty pages into Middlemarch, and I read the first chapter of Lolly Willowes… but they’re all super exciting books. What do you guys think? What should I read?



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