Snowy Day at Snowy Farm!

So it snowed the other day! I love snow – the powdery stuff, the deeper the better, and I have a fluffy white snow dog who loves it even more! It started snowing one night, great big fat flakes just lazily drifting out of the sky, and pretty soon that turned into a full scale blizzard. It’s nice to watch the snow when you’re nice and warm inside. My dream evening would be to curl up in front of a nice big fire while the snow falls outside, but underfloor heating at Windy Farm isn’t so bad. The next morning the world is white over – I love that. When I was a kid it was normally coupled with the anticipation of a snow day, though now that I’m (meant to be) a grown-up, it’s more about how I’m going to get to work, and are my tyres OK for the drive.

I have a few things in my beds: the chard is about gone and needs pulling up, but my kale is dead hardy and will keep going. I’m hoping that the little caulis and cabbages I have peeping up with just hibernate as opposed to die off altogether.

Check out my winter wonderland!


Look at all that snow! Though if you look closely at the sides of the beds, you can tell there wasn’t really that much snow. But it was sure white and cold!


Lake Loy isn’t quite frozen over. The great thing about living in such a flat place is that we get a lovely, even blanket of snow.


Like here! Though you can see where the man with the snow plough got carried away, ploughing all the snow away…


…which made this boy pretty sad! He loves his snow and was pretty upset that someone had made it all go away!



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