Last Hurrah

So Dickie’s tax was up at the end of the month. Considering since we came back from Germany, I’ve driven him a grand total of once, Papa and I decided that it was maybe a good idea to SORN him. I have my dissertation to write in August, and then I start my PGCE in September, so I won’t have time to drive him much, and then it’ll be winter and he will go to bed. So I took him to work yesterday, for one last hurrah!

It’s been a pretty stressful few weeks of late: what with work running into high gear and one thing after another kicking off in the centres, and then getting pretty rubbish feedback from the chapters of my dissertation I’ve managed to write so far, I’ve not been feeling so sunny and shiny all the time. But driving to Hull down the windy, twisty-turny new way I’ve starting going, completely blasted them old cobwebs out!

And of course, we had to have a little photoshoot!

IMG_1748Looking pretty sexy in the car park at work… definitely the sexiest car at Victoria House that day!

IMG_1750Then of course I had to pull into a layby for a proper photoshoot! I like this picture the best, especially the reflection. Such a beast!

IMG_1751But look at this picture! You can see all the dirt and the pawprints on his bonnet. Oh, I’m so ashamed…

IMG_1754Oh, honestly… how many Subarus do one family need?




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