Accidental Investigating

A couple of days ago I uploaded a post that was quite rage-driven about some of my failed crops. It would appear that I had a bit of an infestation of cabbage root fly. Well today I do believe I have located the source!

Ages ago, I sowed a few radish seeds, despite the fact that I have experienced a few gluts, and am actually not that much of a radish fan. These were left in the cloche while life kicked itself up a notch and I didn’t have as much time to focus on all the goings-on in my garden. Thus, they ended up abandoned, sweating away in the cloche. I had some cos lettuces and such like also growing in the cloche, and these all mysteriously disappeared to nothing. The cloche was getting very hot in the day and did seem to be attracting all sorts of bugs and what have you.

Anyway, these radishes popped up, and sprouted, and then looked a bit ropey. I planted them out, half of them bolted so I pulled them up, and left the others – that as far as I could see looked OK – in the beds. Then I forgot about them. I planted them in between my cauliflowers and turnips, and on the yon side of my turnips as well.

Today, after turnip-gate the other day, I was watering up and wondered what this huge plant was nosing its way up to the sky. I pulled it out, thinking it was a weed that had launched itself skyward overnight, and was rewarded with a bolted radish – full of wiggling maggots! I pulled the rest of the radishes up, and sure enough, they were all nibbled or colonised by horrid white wiggly nasty things.

So I can only assume that they came from the radishes in the cloche! The cloche is empty now so hopefully is bug-free. All the radishes have been drowned.

Here is the Bucket of Disgrace:

I potted up my cauliflowers, which is probably very wrong, but I couldn’t think what else to do. Some look very worse for wear, yet this guy is standing up big and strong, so fingers crossed! It is still extremely hot so I’m hoping it’s a combination of heat and the stress of the transplanting that has them looking sorry for themselves, and not more of the damned cabbage root fly. Bane of my life!

Some sad looking cauliflowers:

The one at the back looks pretty good. The other two… I’m not so sure about. And these are the best examples! I’ll keep you posted on the progress of these cauliflowers…


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