Happy Birthday: The Big 2-4

Everyone always says that the older you get, the less bothered you are about your birthday. It was my 24th on the 17th July and I completely disagree with that statement! This has been the most enjoyable birthday I’ve had for years, which I believe is down to a number of things… Firstly, last year I had a lesson observation on my birthday, which sort of ruined it for me! I was away from home, teaching in Liverpool, and while my lovely workmates at ATC Liverpool bought me a cake (I believe it was a Katy-pillar cake?) it still wasn’t quite the same. This year I stayed in Hull and even though I was at work I still had a lovely time!

The day before my birthday I went to Driffield Show with Mum and Nana, something I had never had the chance to do before, having worked in summer schools for the past five years. We took Bilbo and had a lovely day, even if it was hot and muggy and stuffy at the show. I took a few photos and if I remember I will make a blog post about them…

For my birthday itself, I got up usual time, and got Ma and Pa up as well (the usual rising time for the Loys is I believe some time after 8 o’clock – when I’m well on my way to Hull – and Father has been known to exclaim with disbelief, “there are two seven o’clocks in a day?!”) and opened a few presents before I had to go to work.

At work everyone came into mine and Louise’s office with a tray laden down with cakes and goodies, and sang ‘happy birthday’ to me, which was hugely embarrassing, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love it. And clearly the gods of summer schools must have been listening when I said I wanted no drama on my birthday… either that, or Louise was shielding me from it all!

For dinner I went out with my family and friends to Florios in Malton! I really enjoyed my meal, though I’ve since heard that a few people weren’t overly thrilled with theirs. I shared a garlic bread topped with tomato sauce, anchovies and black olives with Mum as a starter, and for my main I had grilled sea bass with tiger prawns, and they were beautifully cooked in a garlicky tomatoey sauce.


I think what made my birthday so successful, to me anyway, was that I got to share it with my family and friends, all the people I love! I want to thank everyone for all their lovely gifts, but what was most important to me was that I got to see everyone on my birthday.


This is one of my favourite presents! This lovely picture is by my friend’s mum, the very talented Moira de Lavenu, and I have been admiring it for a long time! Need to find somewhere to hang it!


A selection of my other presents, including a brand new Filofax, which I am very excited about filling up!IMG_1712

And then my two apple trees! I have a Katy apple tree (obviously!) and a Bramley, so am very excited to get these planted.

And finally, my cats brought me a present, albeit a little late: I came downstairs on Friday morning to find this guy!


And that’s it for a cheesy self-indulgent post-birthday post! A year to go now until the big 2-5!


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