The Raised Bed Diaries #11 – Fruits of My Labours

After an extended absence, obviously much will have changed on my plots! Last week I uploaded pictures of the two raised beds themselves, and how they have been growing over time. But I don’t just have the two beds, and things are flourishing elsewhere.


IMG_1479It’s not the best picture in the world, but this is one of my courgettes. This photo was about two weeks ago, so they are steadily growing and darkening in colour. The flowers are lovely and yellow once they open up.

IMG_1586Here i one about a week later. Most are coming quite dark and look great!

IMG_1585Now these two are in a pot. The other courgettes are (as you can tell) in grow bags, and the general size of the plant is twice as big as this one. Unfortunately I lost one of these courgettes today! It was beginning to rot, leading me to believe I’ve been overwatering them.

The Grow Bags



These are three of my five runner beans. The other two are in pots. (You can see the potted courgettes to the left and the monster grow bag courgettes to the right.) The runner bean on the left is a monster and is growing a couple of inches a day: he’s already well over two metres high. The one in the middle isn’t doing quite so well, but he’s giving it a go, bless him. They have lovely red flowers and I’m dead excited about them flowering.


These are my monster courgettes! They have huge leaves and they do have big yellow flowers but I took these pictures late on after coming back from work so they had closed up. I am very excited about having a glut of courgettes! I like them grilled or stir fried with a bit of garlic, oil and salt. Yum!


I have a lot of tomato plants. These are outside, and aren’t as impressive as the six in the tomato greenhouse, but they are do very well nonetheless. They have flowers on them, so fingers crossed! I’ve cut the lower leaves off as my RHS book instructs, but they are starting to look alarmingly bushy around the top.




This is my strawberry plant – or rather, these are my three strawberry plants. One is rife with fruit, one has a couple on it, and one has nothing whatsoever on it. You can see the big strawberry to the fore of the planter…

IMG_1589Here he is a couple of days later! Luscious and red! I ate him today and he was absolutely divine – so much sweeter than the watery stuff you get in punnets from the supermarket. I think next year I would like to properly plant out a row of strawberry plants and see how I go with that.

And finally…

Behind my beds is a bit of open space, though crowded with trees. My big plan was to dig this all up (it was formerly where I kept my muck heap and spare topsoil from doing the beds), dig in the manure, and then cover with top soil, ready for my broccolis, squashes and cauliflowers. I am a bit of a weakling, and so had to spread this over two or three mornings, but… I did it!

IMG_1508Here are my six broccolis, with the main heads snipped off to encourage the side-shoots, and my two squashes. The squash on the right was almost a goner… when I transferred him from his little tub into a slightly bigger pot, I thought I snapped his stalk, and he didn’t look great for a while – I had to bury him quite deep and prop him up with a lot of soil. But look at him now! I also have a third one that I sowed, thinking that I’d killed one. They have some flowers coming on them, so they should be flowering soon.






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