Rillington Open Gardens: The Pond Post

Evening all. Last week I promised to make another post of Rillington Open Gardens, this time dedicated to the Koi ponds of the village. Here, as promised, are a selection of the best ponds Rillington has to offer! (I am amazed I’ve managed to actually keep a promise!)


First of all, this is a picture of the fish in our pond. I think my father got a little carried away with the size of his fish pond, and thus it is rather green… however we have a lot of pretty koi in various shapes and sizes and colours!


The pond is sort of a lightbulb shape, with the shallow narrow end in the above picture, and the fish in the larger much deeper end. Dad has started to populate the shallow end with plants, many of which are now home to the cases of dragonflies, hatched or in the process of emerging. In the background you can see father’s pond shed, which I think is in a different league to the bog standard ‘man shed’.


This is the pond from the first garden we went to. The lady said they had one solitary goldfish, which was sneakily hiding out of shot in this picture.


Here are some lovely koi. I find it quite hard to take photos of fish as they always look flat and not quite right in the picture. This was a long pond with a waterfall feature at one end and lots of floating lily pads, as you can see. It was quite nice, but rather impersonal and featureless. I quite like how our fish can loom out of the gloom, especially Skeletor. I’ll have to see if I can get a good photo of him.


This is the waterfall feature of the pond above. It’s a shame that the wall will always be damp because of it, but it was pretty cool.


I think this pond was ruined by the wire, presumably to keep Mr Heron off the pond. But I liked how it was blanketed by wilderness all around: it was more like a hidden surprise, which put me in mind of stumbling across a beck or brook out in the woods… I think I have something nymph-like repressed somewhere inside.


Obviously, this isn’t a pond! This was a fancy water feature which the lady said they had had installed for about two years. The planters around it were home to their herb garden.


This is more like my kind of pond: a bit of green, and a varied bit of green, with fish happily swimming around in the bottom.


Now this was my favourite! This rather sneaky surprise was in a deceptive back garden. One half of the garden was fairly typical (if a plunge pool in a polytunnel can ever be called typical!) until you walked past one greenhouse and realised you could get to another garden. It turned out this couple owned most of next door’s garden as well, and in it they had this wonderful pond!


I am stood on one bridge, looking down into one of the two ponds.


I loved this pond! There is something romantic about a little bridge across a pond. I loved the fact that it was hidden. Definitely more than meets the eye!


And a final pond, with a lot of happy swimming fish. My favourites are the white ones with red heads and black spots on their backs.

Currently Father is having a fair bit of work done to his pond – I’m not quite sure what, to be perfectly honest; a big green wheelie bin arrived one day which I was informed was not a wheelie bin at all but in fact a sieve, and not the kind you sieve flour into; then a digger arrived another day and a great trench was dug and pipes put in from the filter in the pond shed to the pond itself. I will get around to posting pictures of the pond’s evolution one day!

But that’s two blog posts in one day. Whoaaaah, hold up – let’s not get carried away now!

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