Washing 3 months’ worth of muck…


So, we got back from Germany, what? April time? Months and months ago? It’s nearly the end of June now, and Dickie returned from Hull – and went straight into the garage! I’ve been meaning and meaning to wash him, but I’ve been so busy with uni and work and my garden, and then every day I’ve had a spare hour Dad’s said it’s been too hot to wash him… I’ve managed to wash the Seat, but that gets a bit more use than poor unloved Dickie…

Obviously, it had been niggling at the back of Father’s mind, as after he washed his (two!) Subarus, he decided he couldn’t do two thirds of a job, and so washed Dickie too! Here is photographic evidence! And he used my pink bucket!

IMG_1504He looks loads better, thank you Daddy!

What do you guys think? The stickers on the spoiler and bumpers need taking off (he has nothing Prodrive on him…) When I first got him, he had the Subaru swooshes all over him. Should he be totally left destickered, or should I get him a new sticker set? I don’t think go-faster stripes really will work… maybe if I put the go-faster stripes on me??



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