The Raised Bed Diaries – An Extended Absence

It’s been a while! I apologize unreservedly, but you know, I have essays to write… work to do… and while I have been in my garden, and have been taking photos, this has failed to translate into any blog posts!

I can’t even remember what my last blog post was. However I’m sure the beds have changed quite drastically…

IMG_1481 IMG_1482

On the left, I have, from front to back, garlic and the invisible asparagus, then two rows of late onions sown from bulb, then a line of kale that has just started sprouting, and a few little plants of radish that I grew in the cloche. My spinach has escalated out of control and desperately needs chucking in a pan with some butter and wilting down. I’ve had some strange problems with my mangetout: I have two very fine plants either end, and then in the middle, a load of dead or dying specimens! Not quite sure what’s gone on there. Then behind them I have my rows of onions which are surely not far off now.

On the right, from front to back, I have two rows of carrots, which I began to thin out possibly a bit prematurely, so am hanging fire with those; then I have a row of Swiss chard which seems to be coming up nicely, then I have sown another line of onions from bulbs, and a new sowing of rhubarb chard. Beyond that I have some Cos lettuces which are coming up rather nicely to the right of the bed and rather not at all to the left; the same is true for the turnips behind, which I don’t seem to be so lucky with; however I have about fifteen little cauliflowers all coming up grand behind them. Finally I have four rows of beastly beetroots, but I pulled one up and it was about the size of a ten pence piece and a similar sort of depth.

It is our local Horticultural Society’s Open Gardens this weekend, so must get my beds sorted and in tip-top shape!

I will continue (I hope) to post more. Ta ta for now!


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