Post-Destination Nurburgring Playlist #1

Well, we have returned from Germany, and Dickie has been put to bed in the garage after a good holiday. He did get some thrashing – and I think terrified my mother on occasion. But just because I’m back home doesn’t mean the playlists need to stop! The Seat has an iPod connector, so I can make my playlists and listen to them on the long drive to work.

Bombay Bicycle Club – Feel

I only just discovered this song by chance, listening to Fearne Cotton on Radio 1 today! Sometimes Capital just gets too repetitive for me, and I switched to Radio 1, mainly because I wanted to hear the Lana del Rey song, West Coast, which is my ultimate favourite song at the moment. However, this is such a lush summer tune! And youtube says it’s been out for a month?! It reminds me of hot sticky summers, where the air’s too thick to even think about moving, and everyone dances sluggishly in slow motion in sweaty steamy nightclubs.

Nero – Satisfy

I went to see Nero with Amy a couple of years ago in Leeds, and they were out of this world. I love Crush on You – it’s so violent and screechy and captures the entire rapture and passion of a really adolescent sort of crush. But I love their slower stuff, like My Eyes. This new song, Satisfy, is made of inky black nights and heady moments, and I love it: a sort of urban electronica, which I just made up, as I know nothing about music; I think I mean that it makes me think of nightclubs, which we don’t have out here in the sticks, and walking along streets in high heels and on a high from an amazing night, or maybe going into an amazing night.

Calvin Harris – Summer

This had radio play I think just before I left for Germany, but hadn’t been released in time to make it onto the Destination Nurburgring playlist. I love a good bit of Calvin Harris, from way back in his Acceptable in the 80s days. But his more recent stuff is good as well – I love Flashback, You Used to Hold Me, and I’m Not Alone. This is exactly what it says on the tin: a wicked summer tune, and ideal for driving around Hull in the sweaty heat like today.

Iggy Azalea – New Bitch

I’ve been waiting for the Iggy Azalea album to drop for ages! I love Bounce with its Indian vibes. I’m not really into rap as such, but there is something about Iggy that I love. I especially love the Clueless video for Fancy. The New Classic is a good album for summer – I can imagine lazily dancing to it whilst drinking a few beers around the barbecue. The pre-hook and hook, to use the lingo I see on the internet all the time (do rappers not have ‘choruses’?) of this song are delicious. It was a toss up between this and Fuck Love, which I love, if just for the line ‘That love shit/I don’t do it’.

Chris Brown – Loyal

And I’ll definitely be the last person to admit to being a Chris Brown fan! Especially now that he seems to wind up landing himself in prison or whatever for another load of stupid things. I liked the music for this, and hadn’t really given much thought to the song itself. The video is majorly cringey, however I love the lyrics cropping up in modern rap at the moment, all revolving around my current interest in gardening and vegetables, funnily enough: carats, carrots and vegetarians! Word play!! It does annoy me, the amount of swearing and cussing and casual sexism/racism/everythingism in modern hip-hop/rnb/whatever, but they do make damn good songs.

Ed Sheeran – SING

When I first heard this song, I immediately thought Justin Timberlake – Like I Love You. Judging by the comments on Youtube, I was not alone! But this song is such a good tune. Pharrell is all over it and it just sounds so good. I was never a big Ed Sheeran fan; I could listen to him, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to download his songs or get his album. But if this is the direction that his album will be taking, I may be very tempted!

Just a sample of what I listen to on the way to work… sometimes it’s this, and sometimes it’s very, very different…


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