New Addition – The Raised Bed Diaries #8

On Wednesday, Mum and I had a riding lesson, which was fun trying to see how much we’d forgotten while we’d been away. The riding school we go to is just up the road from the Irton Garden Centre, so smelling of horses and sweat, we went for lunch and then a trawl around the shop.

I got a strawberry plant, which I planted out this afternoon in a container.

Strawberry Plant


Looks a right beast!

After we’d been in the garden centre, we drove to my Nana’s to pick up my tomatoes. They seem to have shot up as well! Maybe I should leave all my crops alone a bit more often.

I planted some marigolds and poached egg plants (or, as I like to call them, scrambled egg plants!) in the bed a few weeks before we went away, and they’ve just started poking their noses out of the ground as well. Mum says she thinks my mangetout and onions have grown, but I can’t see much difference. Maybe I need to stop looking at them!

I have my asparagus plant to plant out this weekend, and the radishes to plant out as well. I also need to start my second sowing of salad leaves and radishes, if I have enough seeds. Busy, busy!

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