Follow that Taxi – Video of the Nurburgring

If you are familiar with the Ring at all, then you’ll know about the Ring Taxis.

These are beefy BMW M5s that lurk around in the car park and then clear everything out of the way on the track. They are ridiculously expensive and you just get the one lap passengering, so if it’s a wet lap or if there’s a caution out, it’s like seeing your Euros go dribbling down the drain.

Sabine was once a Taxi driver, though no longer: they tend to be cynical-looking bored BMW dudes who look a bit dry round the edges.

Because cars in front of them tend to roll over out of the way (me included!), if you follow the Ring Taxi, you get a relatively quick lap, as it’s done all the hard work for you! This appears to be one of my father’s favourite games on track, and he videoed the lap here:

It was going to be I think a Jap-Attack lap, but I think Dad just saw the Taxi and was like, right, we’re off!


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