Courgette!! – The Raised Bed Diaries #6

I thought I’d killed my courgettes. I was reading so much contradictory information about courgettes – they need to be in modules, in pots this deep, in pots that deep, half-filled, no soil on top, lots of soil on top, on their edge, on their side, behind glass, out on the plot… it went on and on! After seeing nothing for three weeks, I’d all but given them up for goners. And then, on the day we’re about to go on holiday, I see this little guy poking his nose out!


It was like the greatest moment so far! I was convinced I had killed them all. Even if I just have the one (I can’t remember how many I planted!), I will be dead pleased – and you don’t really need more than one courgette plant anyway.

Not sure how they’ll do while we’re away – I have these visions of coming home and finding everything all shrivelled up and dead. But hopefully all will be well and I’ll have a lovely little courgette plant growing along merrily!

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