The Journey Begins…

And so by Tuesday teatime, we were off!

Dad elected to let me lead – I think the only time I’ll ever be in front of Dad this whole trip. This was mainly because I wanted to go a petrol station to fill up with Super in Hull and he didn’t know the way.

However en-route we got stuck behind a tanker and I lost my patience, overtaking it but leaving Dad behind! So by the time we got onto the Beverley bypass I had to wait in a lay-by for Dad to catch up.

We got onto the boat no problem (except I tried to follow Dad and the trailer onto freight), found our rooms, and then for a change, decided to go to the cinema. Ordinarily we sit in the bar and have a couple of drinks, usually running out of things to say to each other in the first five minutes. So at nine o’clock we went to go see George Clooney’s Monuments Men. That was really good, all about the artwork the Nazis stole and hid in mines across the country.

Then it was bed time. Obviously I took no photos this whole afternoon. The cabins on P&O aren’t the comfiest of rooms ever, but they sufficed.

And so, to sweet dreams of the long hot drive tomorrow!


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