Destination Nurburgring playlist #4

Since I’ve discovered Tunein radio, I have installed a new ritual into the pre-Ring preparation, which is listening to German radio stations! The idea is to listen to a lot of German and to maybe assimilate comprehension, like Bart did when he went on an exchange trip to France and lived with a nasty French family in The Simpsons. Coming from a linguistics background (nerd!!!) I know that it’s not quite that straightforward, but one can dream! But half of the radio stations don’t have any German DJs on, and the other half only play English-language songs!

Chase and Status ft. Plan B – End Credits

This is a wicked tune and the drum beat is fast and furious – suitable Dickie music, then! This is a bit of a frantic end-of-the-night sort of mad dancing episode. Plan B’s vocals, singing here rather than rapping (which I love on Ill Manors, a song I find endlessly witty when I’m sure it’s not as great as I make it out (e.g. Let’s go looting/No not Luton/The high street’s closer)), despite being not in time with the music, are actually pretty darn good. Banging tune!

Nero – My Eyes

I went to go see Nero at the O2 Academy in Leeds and they were awesome. Despite the fact that the venue was full of sixteen and seventeen year olds drinking (yet Amy and I both got ID’d!) there was an awesome vibe. Crush on You is probably my favourite Nero song, with the shrill and desperate vocals and breakdown, but My Eyes is such a trancey track, possibly more suited to late-night driving through cities than trundling along the Autobahn in the middle of the day, but there you go!

Sam and the Womp – Bom Bom

This song is nonsense (who can drink that many pints of rum? I ask you!) but it always makes me think of driving to Germany, whether it’s due to the lull in the verses before the mad bit in the chorus, which is ideal for a bit of chasing if you get bored on the way there (which I never do, of course – mainly because I have my Mum in the car with me, and she’d scream at me!) The trumpets are fun though!

A-Ha – The Sun Always Shines on TV

Always gotta have an 80s moment! Most people know me as being stuck in a time-warp, as more often than not I’ll have a bunch of 80s CDs rattling around in my glovebox, my favourites being the Ministry of Sound Electronic 80s compilations they released successively a few Christmases ago. I love a good bit of a-Ha, and I think this song is far superior to the more common Take on Me, which suffered irreparable Westlife damage.

Rita Ora – I Will Never Let You Down

It’s not been released yet, but I love this song! It’s a fun upbeat summery tune, and hopefully will suit the sunny drive across the Netherlands and Germany.

Frankie Goes to Hollywood – Two Tribes

And to pick up the 80s theme, a bit of good ol’ Frankie! I think he featured heavily on the 80s soundtrack to my childhood. Quite a cool duel song – how has it not ever been used in a car chase theme? Or has it, and have I just not noticed?

#0sleepstogo! The day has finally come! It’s Travel Tuesday! Getting excited now!

As standard, no songs or music belongs to me. Happy listening!


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