Destination Nurburg Playlist #2

Not long now!

It’s a five-six hour journey (with a McDonald’s stop over in Venlo, of course) from the ferry to the Ring, and as the aerial on Dickie tends to have a dickie fit, I tend to plan an Epic Journey to Germany playlist on my iPod. I’ve started making one and here’s just a hint of things to come…


Example – All the Wrong Places

I heard this song as a preview clip on a Running Tracks album on iTunes, and didn’t buy the album, but bought the song. I do like Example, though he can have a tendency to go for cheesy and sentimental synths. But I proper love this track! It has a banging beat and is good to pound the pavement to – on the rare occasion when I do go for a run – and, more appropriately, tear up the tarmac to!


Haim – If I Could Change Your Mind

I’d heard a lot of hype about Haim, but never actually heard much of anything by them. But I heard this on Radio 1 and just had to find out who it was by. A bit retro with the synths, but not veering into girl-group territory, it’s a bit more mellow than something poundy like the Example track.


Hurts – Better Than Love

As you may be able to guess, I love a good synth, and a good Eighties throwback, and I don’t think many modern bands do it quite as well at Hurts. The lead singer has an amazing voice and the music is perfectly balanced. In fact, the above Haim song intro reminded me a lot of another Hurts song, Wonderful Life. – Bang Bang

I love a good bit of will dot I do am! This I think featured or was vaguely involved in The Great Gatsby movie, which I’ve yet to see, and the video channels that 20s flapper vibe hooking around the sample. It’s a good dance tune, and I prefer it to Scream & Shout, if just because it reminds me of one of my favourite films, Midnight in Paris.


Lady Gaga – Aura

I am a big Gaga fan and went to see the Monster Ball a few years back. While I think her general persona is more shock-value than anything else, and very image-driven, she can still make cracking pop songs. This one, the first on her new album Artpop, is unusual, with about five different songs all mushed into one, and I know nothing about music, but I know this one has a dirty beat.


All songs obviously belong to the associated companies and such like. I don’t own anything, I just crank up the speaker!


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