Destination Nurburg Playlist – #1

Always gotta have a Nurburgring playlist!

When I started going to the Nurburgring with Dad again, after a steady absence, we used to do the Tunnel Run. This involved about twelve hours stuck cuddling up to the spare set of tyres on the back seat of the red Impreza, listening to the same six CDs over and over again. For the most part, I seem to believe that these were mainly Pat Benatar, T’Pau and Lady Gaga. An interesting mix, to be sure!

Ever since then, all Pat Benatar songs make me think of being smushed in the back of that car, bored out of my skull, wondering whose bright idea it was to go on this trip!

Pat Benatar – Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Pat Benatar is such a goddess. Massively underrated, this song was actually played on Coronation Street the other night! I was so shocked I had to replay it back just so Dad could hear it in the background.

Not long now! #2moresleeps till boat time!

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