New seats

I do love my Subaru, but he can be a pain to drive. I’m only little (5 foot 2 on a good day!) and while I might start off sat in a good position, gradually I end up sliding further and further back in the seat, till I realise I can’t actually see much over my steering wheel. This is not a good look!

This weekend Dad put new seats in Dickie, while I was busy in my garden.

This is the third set of front seats Dickie’s had since we’ve had him. The previous two were in various states of minor damage (cigarette burns, suspicious stains – the usual!) and had clearly been worn by many a bottom sat squirming around.

Up at the sheds we have the somewhat unloved carcass of a newer white Impreza in state of serious disrepair. More of a donor car, it is registered in my name so strictly speaking was my first Subaru – except it hasn’t got any wheels on, so isn’t going to be going far. But Dad had the brainwave of stealing the seats out of that and putting them in Dickie!

Dickie's New Seats

So now I can see over the steering wheel and sit in comfort again! They do come complete with very suspicious stains, but that can’t be helped! Now Dickie looks a little like a RTA victim with mismatched seats in, but the main thing is, I can see much better… I’ve never seen so much of the world before!

Dickie's New Driver's Seat

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