Coffee Machine!

When I was younger, my Nana used to try and get me started on coffee by making me a little coffee in the tiniest mug she could find, and essentially lacing it with sugar. Ever since being at uni, I’ve turned into quite the coffee drinker. Mum bought me a cafetiere one Christmas and I love it. Last year I bought myself a filter coffee machine but since I’m the only one who tends to drink filter coffee, it’s a bit redundant.

This year I’m working and studying at the same time, and am driving about three hours a day, so obviously I am knackered by the time I get home. I’ve been eyeing up coffee machines for a while – Mum has a Gaggia that I think is so beautiful we’re all too scared to use it, and it is a bit of a faff, especially with the terrifyingly violent foamy thing.

I’ve been torn between the Dolce Gusto and the Tassimo machines for a while now, but there was an offer on in Sainsbury’s for the Dolce Gusto mini-me in red, and I had some points on my Nectar card that were burning a hole in my pocket! I ordered it on a home delivery and it came this evening (once the Sainsbury’s man found where we lived!).

Dolce Gusto!

I just made my first cappuccino! After figuring out how to work the machine, and realising that you have to use two pods at once, I brewed my first cup of coffee! I was a bit dismayed to discover that there was still a good bit of – drink? – left in the pod. Like a true Yorkshirewoman, I didn’t really want to waste it, but I was too scared to reuse it and break the machine altogether.

But all in all, my cappuccino was delicious – something nice to wake up to! Hurrah!


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