Steak Nurburg


A foodie post this time.

One of the things I always look forward to, when we go to the Ring, is the food! It is true, though – there are a lot of steaks and sausages fleeing about!

Steak Nurburg!

The best of all must be Steak Nurburg! This is what we call it, and isn’t its proper name. But it’s a good slab of steak, topped with seemingly whatever fruit they had kicking around! The one above has pineapple, peach – I think covered with cheese? – and cranberry sauce! Yum! And before you think of it being weird, think of that takeaway pizza staple, the Hawaiian! Not so crazy now, eh? And Steak Nurburg is divine!

I’m looking forward to my first one – not long now!

#8 days to go


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