Not Much of a Young Farmer?

Think you just have to be under 27 and live on a farm to qualify as a Young Farmer? Not quite!

We moved to Windy Farm in 2012, having lived in a little lovely village for the eighteen years preceding that. Windy Farm has always been in our family, though it’s been a while since it saw an animal bigger than a rabbit (though when we first moved in, the rabbits were huge).

I joined our local young farmers’ club, thinking I now qualified, being a young person and living on a farm. I knew nothing about farm animals (and don’t know much more now!) and had never been on a tractor (and still haven’t driven one, though I’ve driven the quad bike). But I’m trying to get my hands a bit dirty – currently I work in a nice little office in Hull, so I’m making a conscious effort to get outside a bit. This has essentially been me nagging my father about when I can have a vegetable plot, whose progress (or lack of!) I will try to document on here.

But this isn’t going to be just a blog about how much I’m not a young farmer. It’s going to be a lifestyle-culture-minor photography-gardening sort of blog – basically, anything that can’t go in its sister blog, A little blue Subaru called Dickie. So expect a lot of photos of me flailing about with a spade, and lots of pictures of my dog, Bilbo!


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