A little blue Subaru called Dickie

I can’t really remember how old I was when Dad got his first Impreza: I remember it was a red one and we went on a camping holiday to Germany (i.e. to the Nurburgring) one summer in it. I remember it smelt really strongly of these weird smelling bead things in the central column, which must have been a big thing in Japan or something. Then I stopped being interested in cars and stayed at home with Mum when Dad would go to the Ring at Easter. He bought the blue car (which I call the Monster, though I’ve been told the Monster Energy stickers are coming off bit by bit – what a travesty!) and then when I was about nineteen I suddenly overnight decided I liked cars again, and went to Germany with Dad and Papaloy, crammed in the back cuddling up to a spare set of tyres, for thirteen hours on the road.

Dickie is my first track car. I did a couple of track days in Johnny the Peugeot and then took Millie the Puma to the Ring one Easter (for my birthday that year Dad bought me a massive framed photo which one day I’ll upload on here). I always wanted an Impreza, but ideally I had wanted a red one. However when one with the number plate DCK came up on The ‘Bay, I couldn’t resist, and hence one severely stickered-up beasty came to live at Windy Farm!

A very pimping Dickie freshly unloaded from the trailer!
A very pimping Dickie freshly unloaded from the trailer!

Dickie has done one weekend at the Ring and a couple of track days at Blyton Park. He also hurtles across to Hull occasionally so can sometimes be seen tearing up the tarmac (gingerly, I might add) on the B1248. At the moment we’re getting all hyped up for the Easter pilgrimage to the Nurburgring, so fingers crossed for good weather!

As for me – I know absolutely nothing about cars, and tend to go to Dad with complaints of a “weird noise” only for him to pull *that* face at me, as if to say for God’s sake don’t you know anything! But for someone who knows nothing about cars, I have my own little fleet (can three cars be called a fleet?), and sure spend a hell of a lot of time in them!


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